Green Jumbo&Skinny Marker

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These Magic Colours' double-ended edible marker pens includes a broad tip on one end and a thinner tip on the other - perfect for decorating large surface areas as well as the finer details!

Marker pens are a great way to some finishing touches to your cakes, figures and especially for writing names and messages. They're ideal for both novices and professionals and much easier to write with compared to paintbrushes. Simply use as a normal pen and draw/write straight onto your sugarpaste.

The pens work on various edible mediums, including sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan and more. Just make sure you leave your project to dry completely before decorating with the markers.

Each pen includes approx. 8g of ink, and are available in 11 different colours.

✔ 100% Edible
✔ Double-Ended
✔ Easy Use
✔ 11 Colours



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